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We service hospitals by providing patient
Bed-Side Delivery Services

In coordination with Discharge Planners and Case Managers we can get the medications for Hospital discharge patients to them BEFORE they leave the Hospital.

This service will significantly reduce readmission rates and save considerable money for the Hospitals but also improve patient care, satisfaction and healing time.

Medication Management is our primary specialty, which is fully designed to reduce medical costs and improve patient outcomes. Learn More

Congregate Living facility

Same high quality services as mentioned above (formulary, drug cost, medication coverage determination, etc.)

Fully Organized Hospice Service

One of our specialties is a fully organized and streamlined hospice service providing drug coverage determination, compliance with medicare guidelines, reporting, eduction and more.  Learn More

Assisted Living facility

Coordinated care with facility, physician and the family to make sure patients are getting the best medication management possible.

We become the patient’s liaison in most instances to deliver health messages and coordinate not only medication related issues but also labs, monitoring, adverse drug reaction etc.

We offer dedicated care to Drug Detox facilities

Formulary management
Competitive prices
Deliveries within 2 hours for all new admissions.


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Why Health Care Professionals Love Us

Partner with us to see for yourself why we have one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in California!

Healthcare Providers

MTM Service

Our group of Medication Therapy Management services are aimed at improving patient health and reducing costs.

Healthcare Providers


Pharmacist available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for questions/concerns

Healthcare Providers

Exceptional Service

5 Star Member of SupportiveCareNetwork®

Healthcare Providers


Using one pharmacy will minimize life threatening drug interactions

Healthcare Providers

Alternative Treatments

Specialize in alternative treatments such as herbs, supplements, vitamins to help improve patient health and quality of life